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Bring your own GPS device

Do you already have a GPS device? At GPS TechTracker we guarantee a service of the highest quality and we welcome the satellite tracking company with the best service and attention in the market. The platform we have has the highest technology, always guaranteeing a successful connection and is compatible with 99% of the devices worldwide.

Activate your service platform.

If you are a customer and bought a device with us, you can activate the service of your platform at any time, in order to continue taking advantage of all the features and benefits offered by the service.

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Online tracking

Vehicle tracking online is the ultimate solution to increase the efficiency and productivity of the fleet. If heads of companies with mobile assets in possession do not request online monitoring, they often face endless difficulties related mainly to inefficient vehicle use, fuel thefts and unfair office execution.

The online tracking of GPS Tech Tracker for fleets and mobile workforce allows both to optimize your costs and improve the responsibility of the driver. The system guarantees the control of several units, from conventional transport to family pets.

GPS tracking online with the system allows:

Location of the unit and movement and control history;
Tracking of a specific set of parameters of the unit, such as speed of movement, fuel level, temperature and etc.
Management units (execution commands, performance of automatic works) and mobile workforce (text communications, calls, assignments and order management);
Notifications of activity of the unit;
Performance control of the route unit;
Analysis and interpretation of unit data through reports (tables and graphs) and much more.
Flexible online monitoring capabilities

GPS California’s online vehicle tracking offers truly flexible asset and fleet tracking capabilities. The system is fully customizable, which provides specific solutions to address any business problem.

Analyze the sensor values, the movement speed and any other data of the online unit.
View and optimize routes of individual or multiple units displayed as tracks on the map.
Use the “Routes” tool to track vehicles or mobile workforce following route points on the route.
Analyze driver behavior and identify reckless driving using the IDrivesafe module.