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GT6 GPS Tracker

GT6 is a 3G GPS tracker with WCDMA frequency of 850/900/1900 / 2100MHz and GSM frequency 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz. It is equipped with a high-power lithium-ion battery that can last between 30 and 35 days depending on the location reporting interval. The magnetic and waterproof case allows the GT6 to be placed easily and discreet inside or under a vehicle or other asset.

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GT6 gets you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and better tracking, ideal for fleet tracking and management. Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the GT6 features not only traditional tracking functions, geo-fence, overspeed alert.

  • GPS+LBS +WIFI positioning

    Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically

  • IPX5 water proof

    Water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in tough environment

  • Intelligent power management

    Reduce inefficient power consumption when the device stays idle

  • Tamper alert

    Once the device is disassembled, you will get informed immediately

  • 10000mAh battery

    LED display for you to view battery status

  • Strong magnet

    Strong magnetic cover allowing for flexible mounting on vehicles or assets

Voltage Range



Working Voltage/current 3.7V/60mA
Operating temperature -20℃~ 70℃
GSM/GPS antenna Built-in quad band GSM antenna, GPS dual-mode antenna
Charger 5 VDC / 2A
Charging hour 8 hours
Tracking mode 30 days(drive for 2 hours per day)
Battery 10000mAh/3.7V industrial grade lithium polymer battery
Device Weight 0.62 lb