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In most cases, the terms resource and account can be used as synonymous. However, in some situations, it may be useful to understand the difference between them.

resource is a macro object of the system, which includes various micro objects created by users for different monitoring purposes: geofences, jobs, notifications, drivers, trailers, passengers, report templates and orders. The content of the resource can be easily saved to a file or copied from one resource to another (see Import and Export).

The main difference between the account and the resource is the use of its own billing plan. One account may contain several resources or even other dependent accounts. The point is that the account includes not only the content of the resource (micro objects mentioned above), but also stores information about other macro objects, such as units, users, unit groups, retranslators, routes or other dependent resources or accounts.

The account counts both macro and micro objects of the system and charges money for their usage. The billing plan is applied to the account and not the user. Therefore, GPS TechTracker manager uses the account to limit the activity of the user, define the number and cost of available services, control payment, etc.

The creator is the key component of an account. For micro objects, the affiliation with the account is defined by the resource it was created in. However, for macro objects, it is defined by the creator. All macro objects created on behalf of the account creator, as well as other users whose creator it is, are automatically assigned to this account.

An account is most often created for each customer individually. However, within the same account, a number of users with different access rights can be created. For instance, we can create an account Vehicle Fleet with users BossAccountantMachinistManager, etc., and each of these users will use GPS TechTracker in their own way.

All dependent macro and micro objects are deleted together with their account. Read more about deleting accounts here.